The Ring!!!

The engagement ring exchange tradition began in 1477… A Roman Emperor – Maximilian I – gave Mary of Burgandy a diamond ring…

And Men have paid for it ever since!!

So, they say 76% of all brides receive a diamond Engagement Ring. 60% of those are involved in choosing their Ring; 3% actually pick the Ring themselves!

BUT, He Just Said…

“… Uhhh… I guess we should get married…”

* Loser Dude… who got what he asked for!


She like “Creativity”?? OK!….

Maybe…. STUN HER when she finds a Proposal Note!!

IDEA: Write the Note on something with sentimental value!!

DO: Write the Note with anything except an ordinary ballpoint pen – a nice pen’s ink is FAR more romantic and powerful!

Maybe she FINDS the Ring…

… Then you Propose!!

NO MATTER WHAT She SAYS!!!…. An awesome proposal is ALWAYS a WINNER !

Was Your proposal a little casual?…THEN AWE HER by redoing the proposal “because I want to make sure you know why I really want to marry you”!

… And MAYBE Do it @ SacGroom’s FAVORITE SPA!…

The Roman Spa Resort & Baths in Calistoga!!