SacGroom: Community Active!!

 SEE SacGroom Feb. 27th, 10-1 @ ARDEN HILLS CLUB & SPA’S BRIDAL FAIR!

2009 – 2010…

SacGroom sponsors Inspiratio Softball!!


August ’08: SacGroom Party @ SportClips – Fair Oaks @ Fulton in Sacto!

Thank you: Gene & Jennifer… And the SportClips staff!!!


Look for SacGroom at Events, Expos… Around NoCal!..

Last Wedding Booth:

The Delta King (ForeverInspired Booth) “Bridal D’Elegance Open House“!!..

SacGroom gave away a BIG Wedding Basket, Met Some Great Vendors, and TRULY REALLY NEAT BRIDES & GROOMS!

SacGroom was a BIG HIT! l l l l l


       CHECK THIS:

Most Fall 2010 College Freshmen were born in 1992, AND for THEM….

° eMail?… “Too slow”! “Snail Mail”?… Just brings the bills and junk mail…

° Clint Eastwood = Great director! …Who’s “Dirty Harry”?!

° 1st computer they saw: Most likely an Apple II…. Now a dinosaur!

° Russian-American relations = Living together in space!

° Lots of Male Nurses, Teachers and Therapists!

° Bret Favre has always been in the NFL!… And maybe always WILL be!

° “Captain Kangaroo”?… Only on reruns!

° “JR Ewing” & “Dallas”: Old School!

° The Persian Gulf War = Ancient History!

° Marriage is good at 18, 38, 58… Having kids, too!